We’re Proud to Welcome Our Winter Conference Presenters!

Stephanie DeLussey


Stephanie is a dual-certified veteran special education teacher, IEP Coach, author, and teacher mentor. She has a passion for creating engaging, adapted resources for teachers and students with disabilities, and is self-proclaimed #datanerd. She understands that not everyone will love IEPs as much as she does, but it is her hope that with the appropriate training and resources, teachers will not only advocate harder for student services and supports, but also bridge the gap between teachers and families to foster a true IEP Team. She also provides professional development for teachers. You can connect with her at Mrs. D’s Corner and The Intentional IEP. As someone with severe anxiety and PTSD, Stephanie is also a mental health advocate who shares her journey with other educators, letting them know you can do more than survive as a teacher.

Presentation Topic

How to Measure and Track IEP Goal Progress & How to Host IEP Meetings