Teacher Trainers and Mentors

  • Seeking highly engaging teacher trainers to lead virtual PD sessions for early career teachers
  • Opportunity to mentor new teachers
  • Compensation for each PD session, plus potential for long term revenue share

Master Teachers Wanted

Become a Master Teacher!

Provide Professional Development For Early Career Teachers

We offer virtual PD sessions for early career teachers, and are looking for a set of highly engaging teacher trainers to deliver world changing professional development.

You will impact thousands by sharing your PD experience through our online video platform.

Wide range of PD topics needed

We are looking to partner with leading expert teacher trainers from across the US to develop world class training programs for new teachers. This is your opportunity to bring your experience from the classroom to help new teachers.

Tell us about what subjects you’d like to cover and we look forward to talking!

Sample Topics

Foundations and Best Practices

Overview of the latest pedagogical research and its practical implications. Classroom management techniques that foster a productive learning environment.

Technology in the Modern Classroom

Exploration of the newest ed-tech tools. Strategies for integrating technology seamlessly into lessons.

Building Strong Teacher-Student Relationships

Techniques for effective communication and understanding diverse student needs. The role of empathy in student engagement and motivation.

Curriculum Design and Assessment

Frameworks for creating impactful lesson plans aligned with standards. Effective assessment methods and tools for continuous student feedback.

Self-Care and Professional Growth

Strategies for managing stress and avoiding burnout. Navigating the educational career ladder and seeking further professional development opportunities.

Opportunities for longer term mentorship

We are developing a 1:1 virtual mentorship program for early career teachers. If you are interested in longer term mentorship opportunities to support new teacher professionals, please let us know!

Become a Master Teacher

We are compensating master teachers for sharing their world class PD through our platform. Please tell us a little bit about yourself and we will be in touch!